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15 O'Neil Avenue

Bay Shore, NY 11706

Marty Himes would like you to come out and look at his stuff. You see, nobody has more. That's one of Marty's mottos. But unless you seriously brace yourself first, prepare about a month to finish going through everything (although that is a technically impossible thing to do on one visit) . IT'S FLABBERGASTING!


    See, this is like no museum you'll ever go to. The reason: Marty NEVER REFUSES ANYTHING! He has things that most museums would have considered junk at the time he got them, but now consider otherwise. IT IS NOW JUNQUÉ. He has 5 stock cars "on display" all appearing just as they did the last time they passed the checkered flag. He also has a number of Midgets, TQ (3/4s), a world famous sprint car (driven by many famous legends) and a LOT OF (probably around 1000 or so) model racers, most with little motors! Add in helmets, driving suits, thousands of photos, programs, tickets, posters, and you start to get an idea....BUT SEEING IS BELIEVING!


    To give you an idea just how much stuff Marty has, he has 4 office trailers, 2 garages and a collection that long ago out grew his main house, which, by the way, is where the museum is. His home is in Bay Shore, Long Island, NY.


    It all started with a picture of Bill Schindler (the famous one - legged driver) way back in 1975. It has now grown into a mobilia monstrosity When you first pull up to 15 O'Neil Ave., you will say "OH MY GOD" (It's a religious experience). Sitting out front is the ticket booth from old Freeport Stadium, complete with mannequin and signs proclaiming "Welcome Race Fans!" ready to greet you.


    Although Marty will welcome anyone free of charge, donations are greatly & thankfully accepted. For more information, check out the latest edition of Sports Car Internationale 6/97 Magazine. And even though you will be welcome at any time, it's a good idea to call first to make sure that you don't miss Marty going out and gettin' more stuff. Plus nobody can give you the personal tour like he can. IT'S ALWAYS A RED CARPET TREATMENT FOR ALL!!!



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